The dispensary provides medicinal, dried bulk herbs that have been lovingly wildcrafted or organically grown by me with special attention given to the preservation of wild plant stands and seasonal potency.  I also make herbal infused oils using food-grade, organic olive oil.  I will not carry herbs that are threatened or haven't been properly harvested.  The botanical medicine I harvest is also air dried, not kiln dried, to provide better medicinal properties and taste.   The drought in Washington has been pretty hard on many of the wild plants so some may not be available until next season.  I harvest many urban, non-native plants (weeds for some of you) and find that often they are an accessible, affordable alternative to the wild, hard-to-get-to medicinal plants.

I can provide fresh herbs but harvest is seasonal, so call for availability.

The dispensary also has a limited supply of organic herbal tinctures.  I don't like using them for multiple reasons, so once again call for availability.

   Salves, tea and sitz bath blends, herbal smoking blends, salt scrubs and capsules are made by demand for your unique needs and constitution.  I also make gift baskets for new moms, young women's first moon ceremonies, handfastings and other special occasions.

Sliding-scale consultations are available by request, no one has been turned away due to lack of money.  Barter is also accepted.

The dispensary is surrounded by a permaculture garden full of herbs, fruit and vegetables.  Permaculture classes are also offered.

   The dispensary is not a store, there are no set hours, and sometimes it takes a bit before I am able to return a call due to a rather crazy schedule.  If your needs are urgent, let me know on the phone message.  If not, please be patient, I will return your call.


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