Herbalist Bio

K. Sequoia Ladd

    I have been in private practice as an herbalist for over ten years, with a total of five years in Tacoma, Washington.  I started learning gardening, cooking and folk medicine at a very young age from my grandmother, and continue to honor and follow her wisdom.  The plants have always been and will continue to be my primary teachers.  Over the years, I have also studied with herbalist Cascade Anderson-Geller from Portland, Oregon and with Michael Moore and Donna Chesner at the Southwest School of Botanical Medicine in Bisbee, Arizona.

    I believe in prevention over treatment, education over licensure and a reciprocal relationship with my community and the eco-system we live within.  For more on these topics, read the articles on bioregional herbalism and Slow Medicine.  I use tea blends, food and organic, infused herbal oils most often due to their nourishing, profound affect on the body, mind and spirit.  I am a member of the Wild Roots Herbal Alliance, United Plant Savers and the Washington Native Plant Society.  When I'm not working with people, you'll find me encouraging dandelions to push through the cracks in the sidewalk.

      In June of 2005 I will be returning to school for a year to receive a K-8th grade teaching certificate from University of Washington-Tacoma.  Things will have to slow down at the dispensary due to the heavy homework load, but it brings me one step closer to teaching plant medicine and permaculture in the public school system.


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