Wild Roots Herbal Alliance

The Wild Roots Herbal Alliance is an eclectic group of individuals dedicated to preserving multi-cultural approaches and access to botanical medicine.  We promote the sustainable and responsible harvest and use of plants.  We understand human wellness to be inextricably interwoven with the health of the air, soil, water and all other essential elements of vibrant living systems.  We encourage a holistic, ecological-based understanding of health and healing that includes protection of diverse plant species and reciprocity with our habitat.  Through this respectful, inclusive view of botanical medicine, we hold our bodies, our communities and our planet as interconnected and sacred.


 Wild Roots Herbal Alliance is made up of herbalists, students of herbalism, growers and plant lovers who are committed to a political anti-licensure and pro-community herbalism stance.  We are looking into providing more opportunities to educate and empower our Puget Sound communities.  Come participate in the revolution.

Our next meeting date is Tuesday June 14, 6:30-8:30pm

in Olympia. 

 If you are interested in learning more or want to become involved, come to the next meeting or contact Sequoia Ladd in Tacoma or Elise Krohn at Radiance Herbs in Olympia.

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